A-Tech Systems has been doing marketing to Indian Universities , R&D Laboratories , Research Institutes, Thin Film Industries etc. more than 7 years. A-Tech Systems is the company formed by technocrats in 2001, with more than 20 years of professional experience in the field of Analytical, Test & Measurement, telecom and voice and Embedded Systems Within a short span of time A-Tech Systems has established itself as leading supplier of hi-tech systems and services. The A-Tech Systems team comprises of qualified, motivated and experienced Engineers, We have good list of satisfied clients, which is mainly due the hard work of group of our engineers. Our engineers have been trained at our principal's factories to market and provide support services.

Our mission & vision is to give total satisfaction and give best solution for customers need.

We deal with a wide range of measuring Equipments, Impedance / dielectric analyzers, Electrochemical Impedance, Potentiostat Galvanostat, turnkey system with range of Temperature control system, RF Sample cell , Ferroelectric hysteresis system to measure dynamic hysteresis, fatigue, retention, imprint, leakage current, static hysteresis. The wide voltage and frequency range allows precise and fast investigations on thin film, thick films and bulk ceramics samples, multilayer actuators, bimorph and monomorph actuators, etc. Piezoelectric Evaluation System. Wide range of application like pyro and piezoelectric sensor and actuator as well as memory applications.

Probostat cell and sample holder for measurements of electrical properties, transport parameters and kinetics of materials, solid/gas interfaces and electrodes under controlled atmospheres at high temperatures (1400º C), Non contact Laser displacement measurements etc. Characterization and testing of fuel cell components, electro ceramics, Membrane material, inorganic materials, etc.

We have served many reputed research organizations in India and have been lauded by them for our quality products, application base solution provided with the help of experts from our principal company, in-time service and competitive price. We choose instruments from the following leading companies around the world, who are pioneers in their respective fields.

aixACCT Systems GmbH
Novocontrol Technologies
Material Mates
AMEL Instruments
MTI Instruments